Emotional Cure for Autism

New Ideas on Autism

We can improve autistic behaviors by eliciting relaxed pleasure from autistic children.
 The primitive form of relaxed pleasure appears as satisfaction with pleasurable relaxation which facilitates the feeling of security (the basis of attachment) and the forming of close relationships with family and friends. Autistic children tend to express tensioned pleasure which promotes a rigid mind and narrow range of consciousness.
 Developmentally speaking, tensioned pleasure appears at around 1-2 months of age, excited pleasure at around 3-4 months, and relaxed pleasure (feeling of security) at around 6-7 months. From this last one, attachment relations are formed between mother and baby.

Easy and effective treatments

We treat autistic children by repeating a cycle of tickling and resting (or relaxing). Through making easily this cycle, we can make a cycle of tension raising and relaxation with pleasure. At first, we make a cycle of tensional change by using bodily stimulation, then by visual and auditory stimulation and lastly interaction with social meaning.

New book.

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